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Hi guys~ Here I am with the Romaji and the English translation of Koyama Keiichiro's Nyanta.
He wrote this song for his beloved cat Nyanta, who passed away.
This song is really beautiful and had me in tears. As a cat owner and lover myself, I understand his feeling clearly. I am sure Nyanta is in a better place right now. He must be a very blessed cat.
Romaji )
English )

May Nyanta rest in peace.
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Hi Guys, I created a new community for all the Non-johnny's related Japanese stuff I do~
I've subbed the fist episode of Ubai Ai, Fuyu~
You can find it~ here
Feel free to join~
The community will be moderated after 3 weeks~
Thank you~


May. 23rd, 2016 12:29 pm
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Ok, I think this is it! I myself feel i have reached my limit.
Well to begin with, I am having a cold, not sure if i have reached the fever limit yet. I have not consulted my family with anything and to my parents I seem like "too much sleeping" or "too lazy" or "never studying and only with japanese stuff". Well in a way they might be right, I dont blame them since I am in my bed all day, and they usually see me sleeping which is around 6-8 pm because thats when all the energy is drained from my body and i feel tired. But with this behavior, I annoy my parents and bring a bad impression of myself upon them, which is not at all false. But somehow it feels like, we are not a family. Its like we are just people living in the same house. Right now, no one is trying to understand each other anymore. I am having exams right now, and yes I do study in my own way, however my parents dont see that. They only see me lazing around.
Lately I have been getting Migraines too and also insomnia. Its really hard for me to sleep and my health is getting worse. I have been extremely emotional these days. I feel lonely quite often and when a friend ends up replying to my message I feel extremely sorry for them. I end up crying, as i feel that they have forced themselves to message me. Well I also cry due to happiness as they do reply at the very least. I also feel extremely sorry for being rude and saying weird things to them, and i wouldnt be surprised if they decide to ignore me. I am very concious as to the type of person I am, and even if I try changing myself to match the other person, I eventually return to being myself and make the other person pull away from me. Well apparently stress have taken over me and I have been trying hard to act myself at home. Like the Aiyesha my family knows, the cheerful noisy one who blabbers nonsense alot. I have been acting cheerful to my parents and tried behaving like myself, when last night, my father lectured me saying, what would people think if they here my nonsense and all. I am not a five year old. If I was five, maybe people would find it cute but I am not and I will just end up embarrasing them, and yes I am aware of that very well. But I have been trying hard to remain happy and this is the most I can do to keep me cheerful. To be honest, I thought, just maybe my mother would understand how I feel, even a little bit. But just a little while ago, I went to my mother to talk to her as i was feeling very congested and I ended up blabbering some nonsense, when she said it. She was like, I wont tolerate you speaking non-sense anymore. I want you to be proper. And things of that sort. In the end, she just wants herself to look proper in front of my father. She wants to show him she brought me up to be a proper girl. If not she would be replaced by someone else. Unfortunately i am not an obedient person. I am at my limit now. I dont really think i could turn out properly anymore. I have been picking fights alot and the only thing that brings me to peace is cats and butai or johnnys. I think i will fully refrain from talking to a friend or teacher or a family member. The only way I can be a proper person now, is remaining quiet and not telling anyone how I feel, pretending to be obedient. Maybe I should have done that from the beginning.
I will stop getting into a friendly conversation with my family from now on! This is it! This is my limit (╥_╥)
To those who took the time to read this, Thank you! I am sorry to spoil your day, by reading my depressing posts.
To all my friends out there! Thank you very much for being my friend! ۶⁼³₌₃(づ-̩̩̩-̩̩̩_-̩̩̩-̩̩̩)づ
I will be going now! Bye!

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Ugh is there a way to stop insomnia?
Its totally like I cant sleep anymore.
If i do sleep, i will be awaken after 2-3 hours!
I cant even do anything properly anymore.
I slept at around 5 am last night(this morning) and ended up waking up at 7am. I am hating this! Why cant i go back to sleep (╥_╥) rather than the awake me i prefer the sleeping me ! ( ≧Д≦)
Ahahaha anyway, I will study and watch butai later on!
Its the only thing keeping me alive these days😂😂😂😂
I hope i can go watch kami-chan butai! I will study hard for it! 😻ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ(*^ω^*)(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

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I dont really know which account to use anymore (╥_╥)
Ugh, getting migraines so much these days due to stress. I wonder if I will get brain damage again (╥_╥) Hope not! I need my brain for exams but the chances are high! I dont really want to go on constant check ups so i am gna shut up and not tell anyone about this! Also gna write down all my friends user names and my passwords, just taking caution incase i get minor brain damage.( ≧Д≦) I hoped i'd just hit my head just now! seriously (╥_╥).
I will get lost from this account now!

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I wished I'd hit my head instead of spraining my leg while falling off the stairs ( ≧Д≦)

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So today, I went to KLCC and I was there with many feelings clumped up, since I dont want to make this a depressing rant, I will go straight to the point. I went to Kinokuniya ( a japanese book store). So I walked up to the Japanese novel shelves after my depression for not having money to buy all those magazines in the magazines corner :::(>.<)::: .
So my main motive after going to the novel section was to look for Shigeaki Kato's Pink and Grey (Pinku to Gure).
But then, I came across this one amazing book, and i was considering to steal that piece of paper wrapped around the book but then I was kinda unable to do it.
This was the book! And the paper with those pictures Gosh wanted to snatch it T^T

Ok moving on, I then asked the store workers if they had the book, Pink and Grey. They were like pretending to look around and then asked another person at the counter, and that counter guy was like out of stock, and I didnt really trust them but LOL, I appreciated their efforts. I mean they werent even Japanese LOL!

So then I saw like a guy reading a Japanese book. And he was alone, unlike the other Japanese who were with their families and friends. So I went to him and was like " Ummm, excuse me? Do you speak english?" And he looked at me and I suddenly got doki (ok this sounds like a drama but no) And he told me he speaks only Japanese and how he may help me. So I asked him if he could help me find Pinku to Gure and he went and seached for it and he couldnt find it, so he showed me to the place I can find Shigeaki's books.
And then he handed a book to me and out fingers touched and gosh, I felt like electric surrent go through my body! I was like woah.

Tadaaaa~~~~~ GOSH Its Senkou Scramble!!!! >< I really want to buy it!!! And I want the Pink and Grey TOOO !!!

Ok so right beside this book was this one!
 OK so This book is " If cats dissapeared from the world" " Sekai kara neko ga kieta nara"
And since there is the forbidden N word there, I decided to read it! AND GOSH IT WAS AMAZING!!! THE BOOK WAS AMAZING T^T !!!

Ok so moving on to the love at first sight thing,
After spending depressing time at Kinokuniya, we(my mom and I) went to buy dinner. And while we were there, coincidently the food i wanted to eat, he was at the same stall. So while he was waiting for his order, and I just got the reciept and change, since my hands were full I dropped the coins. He bent down and picked it up for me and once again our fingers touched, leaving my body electricuted (kidding, its an exaggeration). And then we left. I dunno his name or anything about him but I fell in love. Its kinda unbelievable and stupid, since i didnt built up the courage and ask him anything and now we would never meet again.

The funny part is that when I got home, my brother started singing this song, i dunno the name but he was like
" People fall in love in Mysterious ways. Maybe just a touch of a hand"


Ahhhh`~~~ Baby lets chumu someday~~~
Ok byeee thats it for today T^T

Ranting #2

Apr. 21st, 2016 04:52 pm
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Yayy! So I finally went off to aeon to buy some snacks and ended up buying alot!! Well one of them were not snacks but one of my favourite things ever, a pencil! A mechanical pencil!

So here's the first thing

Its a salt+lemon candy. Lately it have become one of my main addiction. I love how salt candy feels so good in taste, and added with lemon, its a blast. Like the most amazing thing ever.

And then theres this

Its a Gudetama sequeal candy! Its amazingly delicious Like gosh. Its amazing 😍😍😍 i love how on the outside its hard and then when you lick on it so much all the way on the inside, there's this chewy marshmallow jelly thing! Ugh its amazing ლ(๏‿๏ ◝ლ)

Next is this,

Its just a normal delicious fruit flavour candy. Not exactly anything special except that it has a banana flavour and banana flavour is rare to find in Malaysia.

And then there is

Hi Chews!!!! YAYYY! SO MOST MIGHT HAVE SEEN THIS IN THE KANJANI∞ ADVERTISMENTS (I actually bought it for that purpose too LOL) This one is the cherry flavour, and it tastes nice and chewy! Kinda addicting to the tongue amd teeth LOL .

And this is the last but not least snack i bought.

Its a minty gum from Lotte. And as you might have guessed its delicious! Of course it is!!! LOL personally I just love mint so this is more or less the one i am most proud of from buying LOL!

And finally here comes my new baby!

This amazingly beautiful wooden pencil! From a long time i had this amazing pencil collecting addiction (cant call it hobby tho). The reason why I love pencils and erasers are because they are amazing creations. We are here now because pencils exsist! We should appreciate them!
Especially this one!


OK SO THATS ALL! HAVE A NICE DAY EVERYONE ! CIAO lol (my first time using that!)

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Ranting #1

Apr. 16th, 2016 07:13 pm
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I have been realizing I have too much regrets in my life. I have always wondered how do I change my way of life and live a life without regrets at all. Everything I do ends me up with this thick lump of regret deep in my heart, its like carved deeply in there.

This morning i woke up with so much excitedness and with so much expectations hoping this day would be the best one I would ever have, just because it would be the first time I would be going to this mall, we call mid valley. I mean the place is amazing and I thought I was sure to enhoy it. I went there with my brothers and my mother. I thought "ahh finally we have some bonding time." I was extremely excited with everything. My brothers who are usually just interested in their lives decided to go out and also to a real huge and amazing mall. The main purpose was that my elder brother wanted to buy a headphone with the money he recieved on his birthday. Everyone except my younger brother was hyped up, since he was awake the whole night watching some american series or youtube on his phone resulting in him sleeping for only 3 hours.

It was fun the whole time while we were walking and the place was really pretty. So we ended up buying my the headphone my brother wanted. and we saw a shop with candies i have always craved for and i told my family. Well the unfortunate part was that i had no money on me since all my money was spent in things i buy for fangirling. I then asked my brother to lend me some money and told him i will pay him back when i do. And he told me that i just tell my mother what i want and she will buy. However what he doesnt understand is that i have issues asking my parents for anything I want. Especially my mother, everything that i want to buy and tell her, she might as well buy it and when i do get it, because of personal reasons which leads my dad to talk about topics my mother thinks of unpleasantly and when she doesnt respond well enough, my father ends up in a bad mood and to avoid that my mother would think up of random topics to talk about with my father in which the topic is mostly about me. Well mostly because I am the only one in the family who is absorbed so much in everything about japan and about 90% if the things i would like to buy has something to do with japan, be it be food or things i want to wear or use, my decision always ends up with whether it is Japanese or not. Its quite a biased opinion, i know but I cant help it. And everytime I am desperate and tells my mom about it, she will tell my dad and my dad being my dad, a casual pakistani, he would be like why does she let me buy useless things/ food that looks horrible ( it was what he said when she sent a picture of takoyaki i bought with yakisoba) and he would ban me from buying it. I mean my mother cant help be a busybody when it comes to me. well so basically my brother doesnt understand that and when i am wandering around i see a pet shop and i went to enter it! Pet shops are amazing I swear and then like i keep getting attracted to each and everyone of them. And well after I came out if the pet shop I was in a bubbly mood but my younger brother misunderstood it to be in a bad mood. He told me, he never slept and he wants to sleep too and he doesnt know why i am in a bad mood and that caused me to actually end up in a bad mood. And so while we were walking my brother stopped at the watch shop and I jokingly said that he doesnt even look at the time and he took it seriously and end up scolding me. And he says he is hungry and want to eat so i tell him to go eat and he thought i was being sarcastic and asked me why i am so moody. Its amazing how my brothers, my own brothers dont know me well enough and well i wasnt kidding when u said he should go eat. if he is hungry he should. I was holding a tantrum cuz i have nothing to do there. I mean its pointless being in a mall when i dont have money. Yet there were so many things i wanted from there. Obviously i didnt want to be in debt. So my brother asked us if we wanted to eat anything and i said i would eat from anywhere he does but my younger brother was like "dont ask her, its pointless. She have too much action. Leave her alone. " and then he said lets go home. That triggered my brother's mood and and ge ended up saying " Ok we go home" then he goes and complain about me so i was like "wow complaining about me" and he says "then i should complain about whoelse." And after that he talks about why he hates coming shopping with me and kept saying things. At that moment when we were in the carpark, i felt like i wanted to get hit buy a car. Unfortunately it didnt happen and we ended up in the car where i put my music to full volume and let out my tears. Right then the rain started and u felt like jumping out of the car and get hit but due ti my stupidity of leaning on the door my mother told my brother to lock it. somehow i kept getting depressing thoughts and well soon after we ended up in Aeon, another mall, here where I live. Well i am here now and well as i am damn stubborn i have decided on that i wouldnt eat and i am not! Well thats it. I seriously feel that i would have been better off dying rather than be here with my family who claims to know everything about me yet know nothing. I am just gna be in this mall with my eyes on my phone. bye bye~

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So I think i will be ranting alot here, and its not necessary for anyone to read it but you may if you want, therefore for those who added me as friends for the quartetto album, i have put that as sticky LOL !!
Thats all ><
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Hello Everyone~ So here i am with the Romaji and English Lyrics for I Seek
I wrote this by just trusting my ears, so there might be mistakes here and there, therefore please forgive me if there is, and please inform me of my mistake.
Since I am not a native japanese speaker, I am sorry if i went wrong with the Translation!
Thank you! and Enjoy!

(cr) Arashi Discovery

嵐 - I Seek

Sonzai mo itsuka wa tokete iku
Taimen no saki ni wa hizashi afure
Ketsuron bakari wa ue riron
Mawaru, Mawaru yo
Majime ni hibi wo sugoshite kita dake
Imasara, demo,
Kokokara, Imakara
Kawaritai na
Tashikani ima, Kasukani ima
Kimi ni midasareru, manma
Donna toki demo, omoi dasu,
egao ga mabushikute
konna ni aishitai,
kimi ni koishitai,
mada, mada, mada,
koi ga nai nai
sou janai
kore jyan shouganai
boku wa doki doki ima made
ahhh tomeraenai
imanara riaru ni say good bye,
tenohira no kotoba ni say hello
kitto nani kaga kawaru
sono toki made ni goodbye
Atarashi ii toki, Atarashi hikari
Atarashi ii kaze ga, yukuri wo tsurete ku
aishitai, kimi ni koishitai
mada mada mada
koi ga nai nai
soujanai, kore jya shouganai
boku wa doki doki ima made
ahhh tomerarenai
imanara, riaru ni say goodbye
tenohira no kotoba ni say hello
kitto nani kaga kawau sono toki made ni good bye
kinou ni wa goodbye
oh good bye, good bye


Presense too, will someday dissapear
Sunshine overflows before honour
Conclusion only is over logical,
turn, turn around
Only spending my everyday, seriously
but now, from here , from now
I want to change
Certainly now, Vaguely now
I am being noticed by you, the way I am
At all time I remember your Dazzling smile
I want to love like this
I want to fall in love with you
still still still
There is no love
Its not that, It cant be helped
my throbbing heart, even now
ahhhh cant be stopped
Right now, say really say goodbye
With the language of the palms say hello
surely something will change
until that moment comes, goodbye
The new pleasant time, The new light
The new nice wind, properly follow it
I want to love, I want to fall in love with you
still, still, still
There is no love
Its not that, It cant be helped
My throbbing heart, even now
ahhh cant be stopped
ahhh right now , really say goodbye
with the language of the palms say hello
surely something will change
until that moment comes,
good bye
to yesterday, goodbye
ohh good bye, goodbye

It will be followed by Daylight soon~
Yesterday the first episode of sekamuzu released! I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did! I loved Non-chan as much as I Loved our sachou Riida. Honestly, I dont really like what the story revolves around, but I liked how its going! Looking forward to episode two! T^T ( If my exams let me :') LOL)
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何で私が小山君に惚れてしまったかなぁー  (⁎•̛̣̣꒶̯•̛̣̣⁎)♡

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So, here i have put the songs from QUARTETTO Album!
It would be nice if you could comment, if you are taking it~

:3~ <3!1Ad0yaIb!xjcO-KPJdji348TZ7W7vQ_dU4j46AGqvdZ6g2IMAm6o

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